Ideas for Inspired Living

Ideas for Inspired Living

Where does your inspiration come from? How do you know if you have an inspired life or living your inspiration?  Do you recognize when you feel inspired? In my last blog we discussed how to recognize and work on creating a happier life. Awareness is key to creating Happiness.  With living an inspired life, it is important to ask yourself what helps you feel engaged in your life. What or who helps you carry on.

Inspiration can strike at any time in anyplace. For me my son inspires me every day? For whatever reason living with my son (who is now 15) makes me have a desire to do my best, to be calmer, to be aware, and to care more. I have a desire to live my best life.  I have encountered other people who help me feel this way (as well as myself of course), but to live with someone who daily inspires you is a gift. I have many of these things by myself, but find his presence helps to inspire me even more.

May I suggest carrying a notebook, or use your phone’s note pad to make a comment when you find yourself feeling inspired to change something. It could be a
movie, an event, or simply a thought that comes to you. Often I have some very good thoughts when I walk in nature. This is why your phone and voice memos can be helpful.

The Nike brand has a slogan/motto “Just do it!”.  While we keep thinking about taking that art class, or voice lessons, or visiting an old friend or family member, we could have been doing it or planning it or thinking about how good the experience felt to us. I think to feel truly inspired daily, a person needs to know their own value system. Dr. Samantha Brody at has a worksheet you can download and print helping you identify your true values.  Do you have a high need for a sense of accomplishment? Then this would be an important value in my life.  The admonition to know thyself can lead one to realize what they find inspiring or compelling.  I feel more inspired when I have freedom to think. Feeling rushed does not help me feel creative. Some people do find it inspiring. I can find an inspirational moment in a day that feels rushed, but that is different.  It is not one of my core values to feel overwhelmed. You might be a person who enjoys a tight schedule.

Have you figured out what inspires you?  In Hawaii’s Healthy Living Magazine,  Natural Awakenings ( December 2017 edition there is an article regarding inspiration. It gives a few suggestions: Defeat allodoxaphobia (the fear of others’ negative opinions). Volunteer, Create a Journal, always practice Gratitude.

May you truly find what gives you inspiration to live your best life and to recognize the goodness in your life.

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