It is Your Time to Bloom

It is Your Time to Bloom

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. – Anais Nin

I realized this quote summed up what I was feeling about the next stage of my life those many years ago. Yet, it resonates each day as I move forward. With spring and summer reminding us of the process of blooming, what might hold us back? Usually fear or not finding the help we require perhaps.  Remember, Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage (Anais Nin).   Having the courage to begin a long hoped for plan, trip, book, project can be a great joy that propels us into being ourselves on a deeper level.

The bud signifies all our unrealized potential. As we allow ourselves to blossom, we accept our talents and strengths. We also recognize our fears and perhaps weaknesses. Knowing my areas that were challenged I knew to ask for help or to hire someone to assist with that aspect of my business or other area of my life.  Even our strengths may require extra fertilizing for the greatest potential. Taking a class, seeking some self-help or allowing yourself to have that dream of doing nothing while sipping your favorite drink all generate nutrients for growth.

We often forget to bloom in the moment. Some blossoms are short lived and other have a long spring or summer exposure. One of my favorite hydrangeas blooms in the late summer, almost fall allowing the summer to linger on my doorstep. Seeing its blooms inspires me to remember to notice the beauty. Not just the sight, but smells and sounds of beauty. A sound or smell can very much inspire us to create a piece of artwork or create a new direction. It is never too late to bloom. Winter may come to some areas and blooms not be as plentiful, but the unrealized potential is growing and expressing getting ready to break through. The soil is only a small challenge. Plants may grow in difficult places, yet they still understand their potential expression.

What do you need to nourish your potential and blossom?  What kind of soil and watering schedule do you require? Do you know?  When we recognize what helps us fuel our feelings of happiness we can work on the feeding of that potential.  Wherever you are in life, young, older, starting over or just beginning, it is never too late to bloom and manifest your desired outcome. I invite you to allow your exotic, rare or ordinary looking blossoms to show up in your everyday life.

Take time to ponder:

1) Where would I like to see more blooms?

2) What is holding me back from blooming?

3) Is this an area I feel comfortable doing myself? Or do I require some help from an expert?

4) Do I feel satisfied? Fulfilled? Happy with my garden of life?

Use this time to explore your garden and allow joy for those blooms you love and notice the ones that may require a little more food.

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