What people have said:

I finished the CDs and learned a lot! You give a good feeling for how to ask questions and apply SRT and dowsing to anything and even cover some advanced application tips. It is obvious that you truly have a knack for dowsing and SRT and also how to teach it effectively. I like the Positive Benefits Chart – I’ve used it a lot already and added it to my collection. I’m going to listen to the CDs a few times. – G.Y., CA

I have so enjoyed the CD and the book. You are a wonderful speaker with a beautiful wit. You make the information easily understandable. I have really enjoyed using my pendulums and the deeper contact with my higher self. Thank you. – P.M., SC

“I can’t say enough about all the positive changes that Kathleen and SRT have brought about in my life and the lives of my family and friends. From the first clearing session, I felt an immediate change in my outlook, relationships and sense of peace. It was as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. After taking the classes, I began to do clearing work for my family, friends and work group. The results have been amazing! They have all seen dramatic improvements in their lives as well – improved health, relief from depression and anxiety, strengthened relationships, job enhancement and more. I highly recommend SRT for anyone who is seeking greater spiritual understanding and fulfillment in life. Thanks, Kathleen!” – T.B. Houston TX

“Kathleen Butler is a gifted SRT consultant. I have been to many therapists over the years, and no process or healer has been as effective and thorough in creating positive changes.” – W.P. – Phoenix, AZ

“I knew after just one session with Kathleen that this system works because all of the anxious knots in my stomach completely disappeared! I have now become neutral with my adversaries.” – V.J. – Scottsdale AZ

” I can’t even put into words the gift I feel SRT is in my life and in the world. Thank you Kathleen. – E.P. – Mesa, AZ

“Great insight and confirmation to myself! Within 15 min or so after the phone call, I started to feel happy, lighter and free. I started to write and my creative thoughts are flowing, my doubts are gone, my horizon widened again to were it feels normal and comfortable to me. I even started singing and cooking…All thanks to Kathleen’s excellent clearing work and experience and expertise in asking the right questions to be able to clear the blocks …Thank you Kathleen! You are amazing. 🙂 – M.G., CA

“I find that your continued clarification of general concepts and prep to work improves my understanding and practice immeasurably. – L.B. – Canada

“Kathleen is one of the very best teachers I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. She is completely without ego, manages the group and really knows her material. And I am very picky about who I can learn from! – C.G. – Arizona

“Kathleen is a completely gifted therapist, and the work that she did with me today was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my 52 years on this Earth. I felt like she knew me better than I knew myself, and she was fully able to uncover and also discover what my “programs” were and zeroed in on what the blocks were that prevented me from living in my best NOW.

I feel more whole and empowered now to move forth in my most bright light.“ – P.A.I – Seattle, WA