My international Teaching Travels

My international Teaching Travels

Often I have the excellent opportunity of traveling to teach Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR). This summer I had the pleasure of teaching SpR in East Sussex, England. The SRA has an excellent teacher who lives in the area, Marja Vreats-Guliker. We collaborated to advertise and present the class. I look forward to more discussions and education conversations with Marja. I can recommend her as an online teacher and in person teacher.











Exploring Ashdown Forest, Brighton and Stonehenge were all amazing opportunities to be one with history and adventures. My inner child enjoyed Pooh Bridge and the Hundred Acre wood.

The end of July my son and I unpacked from England and repacked to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Another class this time the Intensive Skills class (ISC) for the advanced students and certified community.  Regine Ooi, the local SRT and SpR teacher in Malaysia has built a well-educated SRT community offering her students different ways to feel supported.

After our amazing class, several students followed Regine, her family, my son and I on a retreat for team building.  Feel the fear and do it anyway! That is what I called our retreat! #adelinesvilla is where we stayed. Excellent choices for meals and lodges with beautiful views. We ended our first day with a white water river rafting adventure. I had never done one before. Not on my to-do list, but what an amazing adventure. I did it!!















Next day we had a dark and challenging trip up and down one of the largest caves in the world.  The climbing up was dark and steep but there were steps and lighting along the way. Once at the top we climbed down a huge rock wall (with help from our guides). Sliding down and trusting we would be caught. The lowering ourselves down into a somewhat steep hole, the walking through the underground water and portions of the cave. We had head lamps for the darkness. Many times we had to crawl through the cave as the ceiling was low. In one part I swam since the water was deep enough. It hurt my knees to kneel on the gravel covering the cave floor. Did I mention bat “doo-doo”?

At the end of all of this a person is different. You know more about yourself. One, you are braver and more capable then you knew. Two, you need to work out more to enhance your core strength and stamina.  Being vulnerable in front of peers is empowering for everyone. We were all living an authentic life.  Happy Brave new world to us!!  Congratulations to my brave and curious students and friends.

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