Workshops and Fees

Basic Training Workshop (no prerequisites)

Fee: $575.00 includes the book Freedom Path and current charts. (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal). For workshops in Hawaii the fee is $585.00.

In this three-and a half day class – You Will Learn:

  • Basic Principles of SRT
  • How to contact your High Self for Guidance
  • How to clear self-limiting programs and release blocking energies
  • How to change Past Life records and create more joy
  • How to use a Pendulum and research charts to clear yourself of fears, traumas, or conflicts

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.

Basic Training Workshop




Basic Training Hawaii Workshop




Deposit – $150





Advanced Training Workshop (prerequisite – basic workshop graduate)

Fee:$575.00 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal) includes the book Soul Re-Creation and current charts.

In this three and 1/2 day class – You Will Learn:

  • Basic Principles of SRT (review)
  • The most current and advanced techniques of past life research
  • Procedures for using all advanced charts
  • Clearing advanced spiritual programs for you, others or spiritual committees
  • Spiritual brain repatterning techniques, clearing inner child
  • How to apply Organ/Gland Healing Treatments
  • And other spiritual healing aspects

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.

Advanced Training Workshop




Deposit – $150





Advanced Review Workshop (prerequisite – Advanced Class from a certified teacher)

Fee: $285.00 (we accept Visa and Master Card)

In this two day class – You Will:

  • Review all new SRT materials and techniques
  • Practice using advanced procedures
  • Practice Brain repatterning, Organ and glands and more
  • Have an Overview of Soul Family Dynamics and much more.

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.





Advanced Student Forum ( half day workshop 4 hrs)

Fee: $95 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

Forum to discuss concerns, issues and to improve your clarity and working knowledge. I have offered this class with great results. We will review the SRT method and any SRT related questions. This is a great place to get any recurring blocks addressed. Discussion will include SRT concepts, soul families, how to stay clear, how to do a session, and getting help on anything that has been a challenge.

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.





Spiritual Restructuring (prerequisite – Basic SRT Class from a certified teacher)

We are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies and working through an energy system. This six day workshop introduces and provides supervised practice time in mental, emotional, and spiritual healing techniques. This includes spiritual body alignment, aura field balancing, clearing of programs, psychic wounds, and meditative healing practice. Class includes daily meditation, demonstration and practice work. A detailed course manual is provided.

Fee:$925.00 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

The six-day class includes instruction in:

  • Kinesiology – The method of bypassing the conscious mind and directly working with the innate consciousness and wisdom of the body. The body knows what is best for its health. The body knows when something is out of balance mentally, emotionally and physically and responds to questions with great accuracy. Kinesiology can be used to locate areas of stress, and once that stress has been released, can indicate that the work has been accomplished.
  • Body Alignment – Adjusting the cervical vertebra, correcting how the head sits on the axis (there are six positions involved) and treating the atlas wedge can eliminate headaches. Working with the coccyx, sacrum, hips, and lumbar areas can free a person from pain in those areas and down their legs. Sometimes joints are jammed. Jammed elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, ankles, hip and shoulder joints can be relieved. Torqued (twisted) joints can also be corrected with amazing results. TMJ and misalignment of the jaw can be de-stressed and brought into harmony. Even jammed aching ears can be helped.
  • Dowsing – Dowsing also uses the innate wisdom of the body through the use of a pendulum to gain information regarding areas to be treated. Questions can be asked regarding the cause of pain in the body, the exact area to be helped and what the correct healing support needs to be. You can use the pendulum to determine the best foods and combinations of food to properly nurture your body and maintain a higher level of energy through balanced diet. You can determine areas of your body holding tension or discordant energy and how to balance that area.
  • Brain/Mind Meld – This process is based on the fact that when the soul attaches to the fetus, it sets up what is termed a “negative concrete base.” This emotional base consists of four negative statements that are programmed directly into the brain. The negative statements are carryover programs from past lives and are set up as challenges for the present life. This causes dysfunction on many levels of expression. There is a second negative concrete base that I call the present life base, which is set up when the individual comes into the body. Both aspects clear when you do the spiritual mind re-structuring.

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.

Pay in Full




Deposit – $200





Chart 3 Workshop

Fee: $95 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

Chart 3 is a dynamic SRT chart that maps the levels of consciousness and the evolutionary process of the soul. There are many levels of understanding we go through as human souls. Learn how to clear programs quickly and effectively using this one chart. Many SRT students and practitioners find that their understanding of the entire SRT system is greatly enhanced by the synthesis of this information. I am pleased to offer this half day workshop focusing on SRT Chart 3 and its many uses and applications. The class will involve lecture as well as time for a question and answer period.

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.





SRT Clearing Businesses and Accepting Prosperity Class

Fee: $95 ( Half day Workshop 4 hrs.) (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

Pre-requisite completion of the SRT Basic Class. This 4 hour workshop will cover how to clear businesses, blocks to promoting your business, and more. Why isn’t your business prospering? Why is the phone not ringing or emails not arriving? All these questions can be addressed in the Prosperity and Business class.

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.





One Day SpR Review workshop (in person)

Fee: $125 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

Must have completed the 6 day SpR workshop to attend the review. In this one day review of the SpR class, we will review all physical alignment techniques as well as using the charts and diagrams more fully. Meditation techniques will also be reviewed. This class is in person only and one full day usually from 9 to 5 p.m.





How to improve your skills in Relationship building and receiving Support

Fee: $45 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

This 2 hour teleconference is set up to help guide you toward better understanding yourself. We will be using some handouts and questions from SRT techniques and others charts. Some discussion on soul relationships, life skills and how to approach clearing a relationship itself. Must have completed SRT Basic class to attend.





Using SRT to Clear Animals and Plants (2 hour online class)

Fee: $45 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

This fun 2 hour online workshop is designed to assist you in clearing and applying healing to animals, plants and the property they live on. It can be a simple process to work on animals. They respond well to the work. Completion of the SRT Basic class from a certified teacher is required to enroll in this workshop.





SRT Meetings – (monthly schedule sent on request)

Fee: $25 (we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal)

This is a place where people can ask methodology questions or bring up challenges they are having or request help. Often they do not have a specific topic listed. It is a continuing education opportunity for people. (Not an official CEC from SRA). We may address allergies, working on animals, property, groups, anything is basically open for discussion to some degree. Meetings do not replace sessions or classes.

E-mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878 to enroll.