Spiritual Response Therapy Consultations

One on One clearing (in person)

You may request an in person consultation by appointment with Kathleen Butler in Olympia, WA. In the consultation she will research and clear discordant energy from past, present and future lives. If there are problem areas in your life, these areas can be focused on , researched, cleared and replaced with positive.  When we clear the negative programs there is more possibility for positive outcome.

Long Distance Clearing ( phone or absentee)

You may call, write or e-mail Kathleen regarding your concerns/problems/situation you wish to clear. This may be done over the phone or absentee. Phone sessions are just as effective as in person. In many cases clients show more results over the phone than in person. Choosing which type of session fits for you is easy to do when scheduling.

Initial Session: 1 to 1-1/2 hours

Fee: $130 an hour/ $2.17 per minute

E-Mail Kathleen or call 360-753-1878

How to Order a Clearing: Before you telephone or write make a list of areas you wish to work on. Examples are:

  1. Present Life: negative issues – people or places involved. People you may have conflicts with
  2. Health problems: any allergies, phobia, recurring physical issues, pain in the body
  3. Finances, career challenges: any repeating cycles blocking prosperity
  4.  Relationships:  difficulties with parents, siblings, spouse, children, boss, others

A brief list can help with the research to make sure all critical energies are cleared. A list is not necessary to have a clearing session.